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Directory Submission

Create a high quality back links for your website. Submit your site to SEO friendly directories. Achieve high ranking through SubmitEdge directory submission service.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has started turning submission to directories and articles to its advantage. You could have an excellent website, and you may have the latest e-commerce technology and the best graphic design work. Now comes the tricky part: choosing an SEO firm. There's a long list of SEO firms claiming that they can do submission to directories, link building and article submission, but does a chocolate website really need to build links to an oil merchant directory?

Google has implemented LSI and has already started shunting out link farms, and pointless paid links. For any SEO firm or webmaster, the most worthwhile ways forward are articles and other web contents. Not only does our article submission service ensure that all incoming links to your site are 'relevant,' we also ensure that your precious time and resources are not wasted on futile link building.

Our submission services ensure that each manual directory, we submit to is relevant to your site; each directory is chosen based on pedigree and reliability. Any major search engine that actually catalogues and indexes a directory has to meet certain criteria. Our service ensures that each directory, we submit to has been thoroughly researched and not blacklisted by any search engine. Better still,- we offer only high quality back linking services so no reciprocal links are required. 


All local, vertical and niche directories are not created equal, and higher quality ones should really be the only ones that you are focusing on.

Make sure to check and see if Google has the directory indexed. If it doesn’t, that is a major red flag that you should pass up that particular directory.

Paid niche directories are typically seen as a safe bet. When I say “paid”, I’m not talking about those kind of paid links. It seems tricky that paid links are bad and paid directories are ok, but Google is looking for and refining their definition of signals of authority.

Many paid directories continue to be good signals of authority, due to the cost of entry that pays for their editorial reviews that help ensure quality. In particular, vertical and niche directories can be high quality, but you should steer clear of those that are covered in ads and don’t have an editorial review process.


If you were beginning to peruse a scrapbooking directory (yes, they exist) and came across multiple listings for divorce lawyers, would you be likely to stay on the site? No? Well, Google agrees and has been actively deindexing directories that do such things.

Making sure that the directories that you are submitting to are relevant and have a suitable category for your listing is crucial.

If a quality directory is showing up in the SERPs for keywords that you want to rank for, then you should definitely look into getting a listing there.

Another good way to find directories that are relevant to your website is to add “directories” to any preferred search terms. Or follow blogs that put together directory lists like this one.

Even those directories which don’t link back to your site may have considerable authority and will add value as a citation.

If you’re a lawyer, look at Avvo, and the like. Doctors? Healthgrades and LocateADoc are oldies but goodies (full disclosure: I have consulted with LocateADoc and got a good deal on a nose job.)


Remember: “Variety is the spice of life.” Get yourself a kitschy framed cross-stitching of this idiom and put it on your desk so you will see it every day.

Link builders can no longer rely on the same tired old bag of tricks to get the job done.

A diverse link profile is an absolute must. Directory submissions alone are not going to cut it, and using the same title, link, and keywords for every submission really isn’t going to help and could possibly get you Penguin-slapped.

Make sure that you are using various deep links. Create a variety of titles and descriptions using various keywords that are appropriate for the directory you are submitting to. Also, remember that natural link profiles have nofollow links as well, so don’t pass them over.


As tempting as it may seem to use an automated submission tool, it won’t get you anywhere in the long run. Directory submissions used to be about submitting to as many directories as you could in one fell swoop and hopefully 60% of them would stick.

Now that Google has a feisty bird paying attention to your link profile, taking a more laid back approach and submitting to highly relevant niche directories over several months or even a year is highly recommended. Patience, grasshopper. Patience.

Many SEO bloggers tend to behave like these updates from Google are huge paradigm shifts that are going to melt our faces off. We can be a pretty dramatic bunch.

In reality, the majority of these updates are simply trying to make sure relevance and quality is at the forefront of the SERPs. Directory submissions are still highly useful SEO tool, but as with every other weapon in your modern link-building arsenal, it better be used in a legitimate fashion


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