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Keyword Research

Keyword research is used by SEO professionalsto find actual searching terms that people enter when conducting a search. Search engine optimization experts search the keywords in order to get better ranks for the desired keywords.

Content marketing is the buzzwords for the year 2013. For getting traffic to your website, you must have a good content. The logic is sound. Whether you make a written copy or a YouTube video, many experts advise to optimize the content. In approximately all the cases, this means thinking regarding how a search engine will explore your website content. But it is suggested that before producing any content, think about the audience. The second step is to selection of keywords to be used in the title and body.

Before the time someone shouts that you have to prepare the content for human readers and not for search engine spider, it is completely true. The content must not be a keyword stuffed text. It is a suggestion to think about the keywords to be used thoroughly.

The best way to do this is to use a Google ad words keyword tool. But it has some limitations –

  • It is based on keywords through pay-per-click. This is not to worry about.
  • Most of the keyword tools are influenced by the Google data.

    A short side note:

 You must be aware about “long tail”. It is a strategy of to sell multiple numbers of sole items which are available in small quantities, mainly the digital goods. The long tail got its name from Chris Anderson who published an article that became a best sold book: The Long Tail.

The long tail principle is used to demonstrate search result rankings. It is often difficult to rank for a competitive term, but a longer phrase can be used to get a well-known search results. Search Engine Optimization has changed much in a short time.

Search dealers are increasingly encouraged to focus least on building backlinks. The more attention must be on engaging the people to share with others. The game is a mixture which is shaken and stirred. But there are a number of elements that remain the same, including the influence of keywords.


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