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Target Marketing

SEO target marketing refers to the research and strategy of selecting the most effective terms and keywords to drive the best customer types or best visitor types to your website.

SEO target marketing differs from standard SEO tactics. SEO target marketing not only focuses on volume of traffic, but also focuses on quality of traffic. For most business websites, traffic volume is irrelevant if web visitors are not qualified to be considered customer prospects for the products, services or solutions they offer.

Should You Consider SEO Target Marketing for Your B2B Website?

If your business invests in vertical marketing, or if your marketing strategy focuses on a niche within a market, the answer would be yes. If a company's offer is broad and relates to the general market, standard volume-driven SEO methods would be recommended.

Why is Standard SEO and SEO Target Marketing Necessary?

Considering more than 50% of website visits originate from a search engine, you can understand why search engine visibility should be an important part of your internet lead generation strategy. And, of the other visits that don’t originate at a search engine, a very large portion is revisits or existing customers. Most new visits and new business leads come through search engines.

SEO may be just one part of an your internet marketing strategy, but it is the fundamental part. It's the baseline. If you are doing nothing else, search engine visibility and keyword-related advertising can make up 70 to 90 percent of your traffic.

Standard SEO and SEO Target Marketing will help your Business:

• Increase web traffic
• Qualify visitor types
• Create online awareness of your brand over your competition
• Measure ROI
• Increase conversions rates
• Lower client acquisition costs
• Broaden market share

Whether you're considering standard SEO or SEO target marketing for your website, try an SEO SnapShot to find out what your current search engine visibility is and find out what opportunities may exist for internet lead generation.


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