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Website Advertising

Website Advertising creates an image in the mind of the potential clients. This form of advertising is a successful way of making your company recognizable and consistent on the internet. The following takes a look at website branding activities and provides tips on successfully branding your company’s name, product and/or service.

What is Advertising?

A website needs to gain exposure in any way possible in order to gain a better ranking within search engines, branding helps this process along as it creates an image for a website and makes it stand out to potential clients. If your website has a brand, it will be easily recognizable for traffic on the net. In order to brand something it needs to have something to make it stand out from competitors. Colour, images and text play a crucial role in the success of your branding. Your branding strategy depends on your preferences linked to the exposure of your website. For instance, the types of branding you chose depends on your budget, previously used marketing ventures and the audience you want to target.

Online Corporate Identity

• Ensure that your logo is applied consistently on the various websites where it appears
• Ensure that your logo appears wherever you seek to advertise your website online
• Ensure that your logo appears on all your email communications
• Ensure that your logo is clickable to your home page on your • Ensure that your logo is clickable to your home page wherever it appears – hyperlink your logo to your website’s home page wherever you apply it

Online Presence

• Ensure wherever possible that your company name is hyperlinked to your website each time it is used in correspondence, content on other sites etc.
• Ensure that you list your company on a variety of local directories using keywords which appear on your home page, and listing the correct contact details and most importantly that you state your website address
• Blog about your company wherever possible ensuring to mention your company name and website address
• Implement a Business Profile page on Facebook
• Implement a Profile page on Twitter

Online Reputation Management

• Ensure to frequently check sites such as ‘hello peter” and make sure that you try and solve complaints about you
• Request an SEO company to manage your online reputation
• Check what comes up on the various search engines when you type your company name in – if there are negative comments about your company contact an SEO company to assist you

Pay Per Click Advertising

• Implement a PPC campaign such as AdWords on Google
• Request an SEO company to manage your PPC campaign on an ongoing basis giving it the frequent attention it requires

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Implementation

• Start SEO by using a professional and knowledgeable SEO company such as Optimus01
• By using Optimus01 you are guaranteed that your website’s branding activities will be appropriately managed

Online Media Advertising

• If you have the budget available (after implementing monthly SEO and PPC campaigns) advertise your site on various online media sites such as Media24
• Make sure that your logo is visible where possible on the various adverts


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